The globalization of the online exchanges, the evolution of the technological innovations, the adoption of new communications tools facilitated the development of the e-Business, e-commerce cross-border. The consumers developed their consumer behaviors by using Internet as main channel of decision-making support of purchase and in the consumption. In this context companies had to adapt their organizations, the skills of their commercial, merchandising, marketing, logistic, IT, legal teams in the influence of the digital to answer the new habits of purchase.



This is the way Global Web Recrutement accompanies his customers in their new organizational stakes by taking into account  intercultural management aspects. 


The covered geographical zones :

Global Web Recrutement helps his customers to recruit talents in the digital and the crosschannel, multichannel to remain competitive and develop some international growth while protecting their economic international heritage (holdings) there:

  • France and more generally in Europe
  • China
  • Brazil
  • Russia
  • Turkey
  • The United-States of America



Our privileged contacts :

We partnered privileged contacts on all the continents with specialists of the marketing and the crosschannel, multichannel retail integrating the digital ( e-commerce, e-business) :


= Studies and research firms,

=Consulting firms, experts in strategy crosschannel, multichannel retail integrating digital ( e-commerce),

= Retail and e-commerce associations

= Organizers of e-commerce conferences

= Researchers / program managers and university professors 

  • The United States of America (Harvard Business School,...),
  • China (CEIBS, Fudan,...), 
  • Canada (HEC Montréal,...), 
  • France (Dauphine,...) 
  • Brazil


= Members of e-commerce clubs in the western countries and the emerging countries,

= Executives in positions of direction and management in the crosschannel, multichannel, digital retail and marketing,

= Service providers in all the fields: technological platforms, solutions of payment, solutions of logistics, agencies of interactive communication, jurists (legal experts)... 



Our contributions :

Our firm shares daily public information with these international interlocutors on the evolution of the digital and the crosschannel, multichannel marketing or retail. 

Forrester, Euromonitor and Acsel (e-commerce cross-border) brings us lightings on the trends of the international e-commerce 

To discuss your crosschannel, multichannel digital media & e-commerce, digital & direct marketing needs, please contact : Frédéric RAVAUX at